What they said about #BOMSS2017 on Twitter

Venkatesh Jayanthi ‏@venkarch  Very good talk by Kelvin Higa at #bomss2017

Simon Monkhouse ‏@SurgMonkhouse  Very interesting talks @bariatricBOMSS  – depressing information about NHS funding but leaders from Scandinavia giving hope

Toni Jenkins‏@amnerisuk  @bariatricBOMSS Need GPs here. Can bariatric teams realistically follow up for multiple years? Needs good community surveillance

PortsmouthDietitians @PDietitians Dietitians play key part in bariatric team @BDA_Obesity @bariatricBOMSS

Mary O’Kane @mpMok Mark O’Kane Blaming and shaming people with obesity does not result in weight loss + has adverse effects @EASOobesity @BDA_Obesity @ObesityEmpower

Mary O’Kane @mpMok @bariatricBOMSS byband sleeve trial will help stop the anecdotes and enable evidence-based information to be developed

Kamal Mahawar‏@kmahawar Another successful meeting by @bariatricBOMSS family. Inspired to meet so many good and great people working to improve outcomes for patients.

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