Trainee update

Training Days: The next Training Day will be held in Belfast  on 23 January, 2019. Sessions will include a dry lab, a talk on bariatric fellowships (where to find them, how to apply, what you get out of them), how to build your CV in bariatrics from the ex-president of BOMSS and how to cope as a new consultant.

The Abstract submission closing date for BOMSS 2019 is Monday, 19 November. Accepted abstracts will be published online with the Obesity Surgery Journal.

Courses: A course is planned for Doncaster – 21 March – aimed at slightly more junior HSTs and CSTs. It will include how to assess the patient in clinic, what the operations are / live operating with detailed commentary, how exactly to manage the patient post-op on the ward, how to assess the emergency bariatric patient and band deflation models. Save the date.

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