Third NBSR Report preview


218 consultants and 165 hospitals; 21, 436 operations in the three financial years ending 2015-2017

2015-17, 78.9% were publicly funded, 21.1% were funded via other means

2015-17 there were 18,528 primary operations, where the kind of operation was recorded, 10.1% were gastric bands; 45.4% Roux en Y gastric bypass; and 36.0% sleeve gastrectomy.

2015-17 the average post-operative stay was 2.3 days.


At the time of primary surgery (operations in the financial years 2015-17)

The patient’s average BMI was 47.2kg m (48.3kg m for men and 46.9kg m for women)

The patient’s average age was 45.2 years (47.2 years for men and 44.6 years for women)

51.2% of men and 38.8% of women had 4 or more co-existing conditions

40.5% of men and 23.0% of women had Type 2 diabetes
40.6% of men and 15.7% of women were on treatment for sleep apnoea

65.4% of men and 64.4% of women had some functional impairment.


One year after primary surgery (operations in the financial years 2015-17)

Average PWL greater than 30.1% (16.3 % for gastric banding, 33.1% for Roux en Y gastric bypass and 28.5% for sleeve gastrectomy

58.3% of patients with functional impairment pre-operatively had returned to a state of no impairment one year post-operatively

53% of patients with sleep apnoea were able to come off treatment.

51.6% of patients with Type 2 diabetes returned to a state of no indication of Type 2 diabetes.