Consultant Outcomes 2013

Consultant Outcomes September 2013

BOMSS welcomes the publication of data on the performance of individual surgeons in several specialities across NHS England, including bariatric surgery. The Society also stresses the importance of multi-disciplinary teams in ensuring that success rates for surgery remain high.

For the bariatric speciality, figures released by the National Bariatric Surgical Registry (NBSR) cover 106 consultant surgeons contributing to the NBSR for the financial year 2013/14. There was 95% consent for publication from surgeons on the NBSR (101 surgeons) and the results revealed no potential statistical outliers for mortality or length of stay.

The total number of primary operations recorded was 4,389. There were three recorded deaths for an in-hospital mortality rate of 0.07%, equivalent to survival rate of 99.93%. The average length of hospital stay for all operations was 2.5 days.

The average body mass index (BMI) for the patients was 50.6 kg/m2 and the average weight was 141 kg, indicating that the patients were twice the ideal weight for their height. 72.8% of patients were female.
The average number of obesity-related diseases for each patient, for example type 2 diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnoea, was 3.6.

According to HES we estimate that the overall in-hospital mortality rate for bariatric surgery was 0.11% for the four financial years 09/10 to 12/13, equivalent to a survival rate of 99.89%, validating the very low mortality from bariatric surgery recorded by the consultant surgeons contributing to the NBSR.

The data is available on the NHS Choices website – – and a dedicated website – Mr Richard Welbourn, President of BOMSS and Chair of the NBSR, says: “The publication of surgeon-level data highlights the safety of bariatric surgery and gives patients and other members of the public the opportunity to review the work of individual surgeons. We want patients with severe and complex obesity to feel confidence in NHS care and, as surgeons, we want to deliver the best treatment for individuals in the context of team working as well as individual performance.”

The National Bariatric Surgery Registry is a consortium of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS), the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (ALSGBI), the Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons (AUGIS) and database specialists Dendrite Clinical Systems and was set up in 2009. Since then, approximately 30,000 patient records have been entered to date, and the first report of the outcomes of over 8,000 patients was published in April 2011.