NBSR spring 2016 report

BOMSS NBSR Winter 2016 / Spring 2017

The NBSR committee on behalf of all NHS England bariatric surgery provider hospitals published the Clinical Outcomes Publication for 2014/15 in March 2016 and took a data cut in August for the 2015/16 round. The acronym COP now uses the word ‘Clinical’ instead of the Government’s previous choice, ‘Consultant’ which is long overdue progress away from focusing purely on individual mortality outcomes. We expect to publish the 2015/16 in spring.

We hope that all surgeons doing bariatric surgery recognise the importance of contributing data to the registry – unfortunately several hospitals and consultants were the recipients of chiding letters highlighting poor completion rates and lack of submission of patient data in the 2014/15 round.

Developments for the NBSR include Version 2 which we hope to have going live by Easter.  This will involve an updated data set – adding patient identifiers (NHS numbers), HbA1c and EQ5D quality of life measurements – that will help with making outcomes more patient-centred (which also fits with the HQIP mandate). We hope to get funding to develop this so that the NBSR can work even more positively for the image of bariatric surgery