Frequently Asked Questions


NBSRv2 Frequently Asked Questions


Who can add data to the NBSR registry

The registry is of operations performed by, or on behalf of, a consultant Bariatric Surgeon, who is a member of BOMSS.  Full ‘record owners’ for data entry are only BOMSS consultant surgeons, but they can also nominate delegated, who can enter data on their behalf, such as AHPs, trainees or surgeon colleagues


How do I add Delegates to my account

The individual NBSR record owning surgeon must contact Dendrite as provide the request for Delegate access and their details.  You can ask that delegate access for other surgeons in your unit is replicated for yourself.


How can I access data on the NBSR registry

The registry produces an annual report presented on the consultant outcome publication website, and regular larger registry reports, available to the general public. Only Consultant record holders can access their own data directly. Requests for access to the data, for research or audit purposes, can be made via the ‘NBSR Database Project Proposal’ form on the BOMSS NBSR pages.


Data downloads

Consultant record holders, not delegates, can select their own individual consultant’s data from the dashboard and download records in five different file types (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, XLS). You cannot request or download other consultant record holders data, even within the same units / hospitals.


How do Delegates access data for recording consultant Surgeons or Unit

Delegates are unable to export/download the record owner’s data.  If they require this, then the record owner must download the data for them.  It was a Database Committee decision some time ago that all delegates should be barred from downloading data that belong to consultant “record owners”.  If everyone did this, we run the risk of data compromise and some surgeon’s data being reviewed without their knowledge.


What are the NBSR data entry deadline dates?

Each year The NBSR will carry out a data entry cut to produce the consultant outcome publication.  The next deadline date is usually in the spring, and will be sent out by email ahead of time to all contributors.  Periodically there will be data-cuts used for the larger report publications, that will again be notified out by email.


How do I add a new patient or operation?

Press on to add new patient to ‘my data’, you must add the compulsory patient data before choosing the operation to add, indicating that consent has been obtained from the patient for data entry


How do I add a complication?

The complication page is available on the record.  If you view the record and go to the operation section on page 5, there will be an option for ‘Any Complications’ and a complication can be added here, and there should be one page of information to complete.


How do I view or edit a complication?

You can view the complication page on the record by click on ‘View’ from the ‘Timeline’ column and selecting the complication in question, or by double clicking on the record itself.  You should be able to go back into the record and input the complication yourself, including the date of complication and the option to enter details on a re-operation, if required.


How do I add an Endoscopic Procedure?

Anything that is not currently one of the main WLS procedure, such as Endoscopy or experimental procedures can only be entered as “other” procedure with free text explanation of the procedure performed


How can I add a revision or a reversal operation?

If the patient requires a revision or reversal operation, the question ‘has the patient had a prior bariatric procedure (other than a balloon)’ question must be set to ‘yes’, and the free text data added.  When a patient had a gastric band and requires a conversion, the user is not able to enter such details onto the registry until first the data that the band removal has been added, before the conversion can be added.  The user is required to select the operation section on page 6 with the ‘Band still in situ’ option changed to ‘No’ and a box with ‘Date band removed’ will be shown, along with an option for ‘Reason for band removal’.


Patient Data – Can a patient refuse to have their data entered in entirety?

A patient can only be identifiable from their name only, and not any other information such as their date of birth.  Therefore, if a patient ticks the third statement box on the form, you can enter their details onto the registry but omit their name and primary patient identifier number.


Missing data from NBSRv2

In NBSR v1, an operation had the option of being recorded as “Other”.  During the migration process to Version 2, “Other” was only migrated if it was possible to find out the operation type from the free text field “Details of Other Operations”.  The process from v1 to v2 drew up a very detailed set of matching rules to try to get the operation type from the free text field and any “Details of Other Operations” that were blank would have ensured that the record did not get migrated.


NBSR – Adult/Child rule

Anyone who is entered on the registry as an 16 – 18-year old is classed as a child.  This is a ruling within NBSR itself.  An adult is classed as 19-years old or over.