BOMSS unveils post-op poster for GPs

BOMSS has issued a traffic lights-style poster to help GPs care for patients who have had bariatric surgery.

Council member Mr Sean Woodcock designed the at-a-glance poster displaying a range of possible symptoms which will require referral back to bariatric specialists. Symptoms are categorised in traffic light colours to show whether they warrant emergency, urgent or routine attention. The poster – “Primary care management of post-operative bariatric patients” – also suggests how soon after an operation the symptoms are most likely to occur.

Mr Woodcock, consultant surgeon at Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The poster will help GPs decide how urgent the situation may be if a patient presents symptoms following an operation and how quickly they should be referred back to a specialist.

“Bariatric procedures are often extremely beneficial to people with serious weight problems but like all operations there can be complications. This traffic lights-style poster will help GPs decide how serious any complications may be and help make sure they refer patients to a specialist in good time.”

The poster – Primary care management of post-operative bariatric patients can be viewed at


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