BOMSS standards for clinical services

BOMSS Standards for Clinical Services and Commissioning Guidelines



BOMSS Standards for Clinical Services & Guidance on Commissioning

for and on behalf of BOMSS Council, October 2012
BOMSS Service Standards and Commissioning Advisory Working Party:

Alberic Fiennes Chandra Cheruvu Sally Norton
Shaw Somers Pratik Sufi Mike Lander (SEC SCG)
Peter Small Shamsi El Hasani Brian Dobbins
Mary O’Kane Keith Seymour Ian Beckingham



Established Severe Obesity is disease state, for which bariatric surgery is the only current clinically effective and cost-effective treatment.

BOMSS recognises existing national and international guidelines as the outline principles of good practice. The present Standards are intended to support translation of these principles into practical service and quality structures for the UK.

Good practice evolves, so the present standards remain work-in-progress and represent a consensus gathered at the time of writing. The full text available for download below should be consulted.

Download the full service standards, specimen consent form and safety card below: