Professional Standards & Commissioning

Professional Standards and Commissioning Guidance

Updated May 2019

The BOMSS Service Standards and Commissioning Guidance (‘Providing Bariatric Surgery – BOMSS Standards for Clinical Services & Guidance on Commissioning’) and the accompanying BOMSS Professional Standards Document were published in 2012. They are comprehensive documents setting out a consensus view of what at that time constituted the principles that underpin safe, high quality bariatric surgical practice.
It was the stated intention of the 2012 guidance that they should be reviewed and, if necessary, updated on a regular basis to ensure that they remained relevant to modern practice. This publication is the first such update and addresses three areas; (i) the composition of the bariatric MDT; (ii) the mandatory requirement for on-site level 2/3 critical care facilities and (iii) surgeon and unit volume. Revised advice on the requirement for on-site critical care facilities has been issued after major input from SOBA (the Society for Obesity and Bariatric Anaesthesia).

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The Guidelines document from 2012 is available by clicking here.