BOMSS Council member features in ITV programme ‘Weight Loss Ward’

The work of the weight loss unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital – and featuring BOMSS council member and consultant surgeon Peter Small – is being shown on television this month.

The ITV documentary ‘Weight Loss Ward,’ follows Mr Small and his team who undertake 600 operations a year at the unit and focuses on the human stories of some of the patients.

It also shows the specialist equipment necessary to undertake successful and safe bariatric surgery and to provide a good standard of care on the ward for patients.

Mr Small said: “The programmes focus on the patients and how they have to come to terms with all the changes needed to help ensure that surgery is successful. But the programme also reveals the team effort required to help people recover their health.

“It also shows how surgery is a cost-effective option for many, though not all, obese people and the problems facing the health service as an increasing number of people reach unhealthy weights with all the associated co-morbidities.”

Weight Loss Ward, ITV, Wednesday, December 12, 8pm and Wednesday, December 19, 8pm

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