BOMSS aims and objectives

  1. To be a thriving society with transparent governance, inclusive membership and financial independence.
  1. Provide representation and support to all members, consultant, allied healthcare, and trainees, and be nationally and internationally recognised as the UK’s specialist society for bariatric / metabolic surgery professionals.
  1. Maintain and strengthen the multi-professional / multi-disciplinary structure of BOMSS.
  1. To promote through education, bariatric surgery as a treatment for the disease of severe obesity.
  1. To promote access to care through the increase in UK bariatric procedure numbers from current levels, to over 20,000 procedures within five years.
  1. To define and become the main advisory body on Quality Control in relation to bariatric surgery and associated clinical care in the UK and act as the main advisory body in relation to service structure and development.
  1. To engage the media for impartial professional comment on obesity-related issues with a focus on reducing weight bias, discrimination and stigma through education.
  1. To be a resource and gateway for education and training of the bariatric surgery, multi-professional team and to support bariatric research and development.
  1. To assist in the development and management of professional support for members.
  1. To provide oversight and commitment to the National Bariatric Surgery Registry.