Bariatric Infrastructure Survey

The British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMMS) commissioned the national bariatric survey aimed at identifying the current infrastructure available for safe conduct of bariatric procedures. The NHS England AO5 Policy for bariatric commissioning guidelines and the RCS/BOMSS Guidelines for Weight Assessment and Management Clinics provide clear descriptions of service infrastructure and the requisite team to provide a safe bariatric service. A template was developed to assess the structure of each unit via a Survey Monkey questionnaire. A link to the questionnaire was sent in August 2014 to all BOMSS members to enter the details of the bariatric and allied services available in their respective centres across National Health Service (NHS) bariatric centres in the UK. The data were collated and all the incomplete- and non-responders were contacted through mail or by telephone to ensure the data were as complete as possible.

This is the first attempt to collect data on the facilities and staffing available in bariatric units in the UK against set standards. We had more than one response from some centres, hence one of the members from the multiple responders were contacted to verify the data. There could be still some discrepancies and we suggest that you contact BOMSS or so that they can be updated.

National Bariatric Infrastructure Survey 2014 published January 2015