Position statement on over the counter supplements

Bariatric surgery is an effective tool for weight loss and managing obesity related co-morbidities resulting in significant health improvements. Procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, one anastomosis gastric bypass impact on absorption of micronutrients which, if left untreated, will result in nutritional deficiencies. It is therefore essential that people have access to vitamin and mineral supplements as treatment.

BOMSS notes NHS England Guidance for CCGs: Conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care. Under 4.1.2 Vitamins and minerals, it includes the following under exceptions: “Medically diagnosed deficiency, including for those patients who may have a lifelong or chronic condition or have undergone surgery that results in malabsorption. Continuing need should, however, be reviewed on a regular basis”.

The BOMSS position is that patients undergoing bariatric surgery fall within the exception group and should continue to receive vitamin and mineral supplements as treatment.

People first language

In line with many professional societies, BOMSS council has agreed to adopt People First Language in speaking about people with obesity in its publications and at conferences. Language is important to help reduce weight bias and stigma.

BOMSS also requests that careful consideration is given to presentations that the use of stigmatising photos in publications and at conferences is avoided.

Members can find further information on People First Language, via the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) https://www.obesityaction.org/action-through-advocacy/weight-bias/people-first-language/

The following link through EASO gives access to photo libraries with positive images of people with obesity that can be used in presentations http://easo.org/media-portal/obesity-image-bank/

Trainee update

Training Days: The next Training Day will be held in Belfast  on 23 January, 2019. Sessions will include a dry lab, a talk on bariatric fellowships (where to find them, how to apply, what you get out of them), how to build your CV in bariatrics from the ex-president of BOMSS and how to cope as a new consultant.

The Abstract submission closing date for BOMSS 2019 is Monday, 19 November. Accepted abstracts will be published online with the Obesity Surgery Journal.

Courses: A course is planned for Doncaster – 21 March – aimed at slightly more junior HSTs and CSTs. It will include how to assess the patient in clinic, what the operations are / live operating with detailed commentary, how exactly to manage the patient post-op on the ward, how to assess the emergency bariatric patient and band deflation models. Save the date.

Managing obesity as a GP

Thanks to the RCGP for the ‘Management in Obesity in General Practice’ eLearning screencast which is live and can be accessed at: http://elearning.rcgp.org.uk/course/view.php?id=299  

Course description: As obesity is a chronic relapsing condition requiring lifelong support, and its prevention and management can prevent future physical and psychosocial sequelae, the whole primary care team plays a vital part in the improvement in these patients’ quality of life. This five minute screencast looks at how weight management can be addressed during the GP consultation, a run through of tier-based management and an overview of the wide range of tier services offered by the local obesity services.

Infographic: Tips for GPs



Abstract submission opens for Belfast 2019

Our 10th Annual Scientific Meeting will take place in Belfast at the Europa Hotel,  from the  24 – 25 January, 2019.
Abstract submission is online – to find out more on how to submit an abstract for BOMSS 2019 please visit  www.bomss.org.uk/2019conference/abstracts

The closing date for the submission of abstracts is 9am on Monday, 19 November. The successful authors will be notified by 12 December.

Further details regarding the meeting and BOMSS Training Day will be announced shortly. Please look out for updates on the BOMSS 2019 websitewww.bomss.org.uk/2019conference

See you in Edinburgh

We hope to see you at the forthcoming AUGIS Annual Scientific Meeting which will take place from Wednesday 19 – Friday 21 September at the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh and will include bariatric free paper sessions.

The provisional Scientific Programme is available online at: www.augis.org/2018conference/scientific-programme/

All other details including information on the venue and hotel options can also be found on the Meeting Microsite: www.augis.org/2018conference/

AHP wins IFSO scholarship

Bariatric dietitian Sally Abbott is the European winner of an IFSO scholarship and will travel to Dubai for IFSO 2018.

Sally says: “I have been working as a bariatric dietitian in the NHS for four years and am an AHP member of BOMSS. I completed my Masters of Research and submitted my thesis abstract to IFSO 2018 in Dubai. At the same time, I applied to the IFSO integrated Health Scholarship in the hope of being able to travel to Dubai and present my own research.

“I am completely delighted to have won one of five global scholarships from IFSO and for my hard work and contribution to bariatric surgery in the UK to be publicly recognised.

“Winning this scholarship has given me the opportunity to attend and present at an international conference for the first time in my career. I hope that by presenting my abstracts at IFSO in September 2018, I will have opportunities to build networks with colleagues from around the world and bring home new knowledge to inform my own team’s dietetic clinical practice. Of course, I also look forward to exploring Dubai!”

Congratulations to Sally from all at BOMSS.


Call for AUGISt Trainee rep nomination

AUGIS Council is seeking nominations for the role of AUGIS Trainee Representative from September 2018. The primary role of Trainee Representative involves attending AUGIS Council meetings, chairing the AUGISt committee, writing for the AUGIS Newsletter and contributing to the Training Day.  There are also other responsibilities that arise on an ad hoc basis from both ASiT and AUGIS.

If you wish to be considered for the role of AUGIS Trainee Representative, an expression of interest should be to Mr Adrian O’Sullivan, Honorary Secretary of AUGIS, c/o Nichola Bartlett (nichola@augis.org). You must be a current paid up Trainee Member of AUGIS and AUGIS/BOMSS.

Applicants will also require a proposer and seconder, who should also both be current Trainee Members and must email their support to Nichola Bartlett (nichola@augis.org) prior to the closing date.

The deadline for nominations is 9am, Thursday 27 July.  If more than one person is nominated for the position a ballot will take place and nominees will be required to provide a 100 word personal statement to accompany the ballot.


Walsall to host mini gastric bypass session

Walsall Manor Hospital’s Bariatric Unit have managed to secure a visit by Doctor Rutledge who will be sharing his experience on Mini Gastric Bypass and he will be performing live surgery on Monday, 25 June.

Please click here for the programme for the day. If you would like to attend, contact Paula Lightwood, Bariatric Medical Secretary at Walsall Manor Hospital, on 01922 721172 ext 7763 to secure your place.