BOMSS echoes concerns of Obesity Alliance over delay to Government Obesity Strategy

Members of the Obesity Health Alliance, a campaign group which formed last year to tackle obesity – and which includes BOMSS – has expressed concern about the increased to children’s health caused by the delay of the Government’s Obesity Strategy.

The Government’s strategy has already been delayed for months but the Department of Health has now confirmed that it will not be published until the summer, after the European referendum. With almost two thirds of adults and almost a third of children in the UK overweight or obese, members of the Alliance have warned that every day without an effective strategy in place means that the obesity time bomb is ticking, and that opportunities are being missed to protect the health and wellbeing of children and their families.

The group members say it is vital that the Prime Minister shows strong leadership, and calls on the Government to take urgent steps to address the obesity crisis. Being overweight or obese poses significant risk factors for serious health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, a range of cancers and poor mental health. These conditions have a devastating impact on our nation’s health and also place a huge financial burden on the NHS.

The OHA has produced a joint position statement which outlines ten urgent population-level policy interventions for government, retailers and health professionals. This is accessible at:

BOMSS Council Elections

Six officers demitting from BOMSS Council. We are seeking nominations for:

  • One trainee member
  • Two ordinary Council Members
  • Three AHP Members

These positions will be vacant from June and the successful candidates will attend their first Council meeting in October 2016.

Nominations will need support from two other BOMSS members (one of whom must be a Full Consultant member). Send your nomination in with a 100 word statement confirming your objectives as to how you would work to enhance the benefit to members and the reputation of the society.

Nominees are required to inform the BOMSS Secretariat by email or in writing of their willingness to stand and should be proposed and seconded accordingly.  Please send your nomination to the Society office by 5pm on Thursday, 3 March.

Note that a Full Member or Trainee Member of BOMSS can only propose one person and can only second one person. It is possible to propose one person and second another. Proposers and seconders must contact the office separately.

If more than one individual is nominated, a postal ballot of members will be held.

BOMSS defends bariatric surgery

An article – – quotes Simon Stevens as saying that if the 1.4 million most severely obese people in UK received bariatric surgery it would use up the entire extra £8.2bn the NHS has just been given.

Mr Roger Ackroyd, the president of BOMSS, says: “There is no suggestion – and no capacity – for the NHS to treat this number of people.

The NHS currently spends about £40 million per annum on bariatric surgery. If this was doubled (to 14,000 operations a year) surgeons would be treating just 1% of patients who might benefit and still doing less than half the number done in France (same population as us).

It would only use 0.5% of the £8.2bn of “new” NHS money but, crucially, would enable the NHS to reap enormous savings within a few years of bariatric surgery by significantly curbing costs of treating diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks as repeatedly demonstrated by health economists.

Bariatric surgery is safe and effective. It helps give people back their health and quality of life – and reduces social security benefit and healthcare costs.”