BOMSS welcomes call for surgery to resolve diabetes

Experts in diabetes have called for surgery to be considered a standard treatment in people with high BMIs –

Roger Ackroyd, president of BOMSS, said: “ We welcome the call for surgery to be recognised as a standard treatment option for Type 2 diabetes, based on a wide body of evidence, including 11 randomised trials. Economic studies also show that the treatment can be cost-effective. This supports the day-today experience of bariatric surgeons and nurses across the UK in recent years that surgery is cost-effective and gives people back their health.

“Type 2 diabetes is a serious health condition so it is essential that all effective treatment options are available – and this includes surgery. Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to serious complications such as blindness, amputations and stroke, complications which rob people of their health and are very expensive to treat.

“The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) must now make it explicit in its Type 2 diabetes guidelines that those with Type 2 diabetes who meet the recommended criteria for obesity surgery should be referred for early assessment for surgery. These recommendations are currently stated in the NICE obesity guidelines (2014) but are not fully incorporated in current NICE Type 2 diabetes guidelines (2015).”

The new guidelines state that surgery should be recommended to treat people with Type 2 diabetes who have a BMI of 40 or more, regardless of their blood glucose control, as well as people with a BMI of 30 and over whose blood glucose levels are inadequately controlled by lifestyle changes and blood glucose lowering medication. It is also recommended that the BMI thresholds in Asian people with Type 2 diabetes should be lower as they develop Type 2 diabetes at a lower BMI compared to other populations.

The full articles, joint statement and commentary can be seen here:

Diet sheets and patient resources

The Gastric Band and Gastric Bypass diet sheets have now been updated, and along with Sleeve Gastrectomy diet sheet are available through NDR UK.

The Ayrshire and Arran dietitians have produced a preoperative “liver shrinking” leaflet which gives patients a choice of diet to follow.

They have also produced a bariatric cookery book “Recipes for Life” suitable for patients going forward for the sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass procedures.

All of the dietary resources are available for purchase by dietitians through NDR UK. In the near future, patients will be able to purchase the recipe book directly from NDR UK (to be used in conjunction with the information given by a Specialist Bariatric Dietitian).

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BOMSS responds to HSCIC report into rising obesity levels

BOMSS has responded  to the recent HSCIC report into Obesity, Diet and Physical Activity which showed that rising numbers of people are obese and that there is an increase in the number of obesity-related hospital admissions
Roger Ackroyd, the President of BOMSS said in response to the HSCIC report: “Being overweight is linked to a host of health problems, all of which can reduce quality of life and a person’s ability to be economically active as well as increasing the general healthcare bill.
Bariatric surgery can be an effective treatment for many health complications which are linked to being overweight – diabetes and high blood pressure for example.

Bariatric surgery is not to blame for the obesity crisis – and surgery is not a ‘quick-fix’ – but it can be part of the solution. And surgical success comes despite the fact that our patients are becoming heavier and presenting with more health complications at the point of surgery.

Surgeons in the UK currently operate on only a tiny proportion of the people who would be eligible for surgery under NICE guidelines. As Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS, said at the launch of the National Bariatric Surgery Registry (NBSR): “As in all branches of medicine, prevention is better than cure but, when required, bariatric surgery is effective and safe.”

In many cases bariatric surgery is the right choice for many people who have severe and complex obesity. It improves their quality of life and often enables them to achieve things that had become impossible. For some people, bariatric surgery is one episode in the lifelong chronic disease of obesity. Bariatric surgeons in the NHS are pioneers and champions of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach to patient care, ensuring that we get the best possible results in both short and long term.

Members of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS) and their colleagues do important work. Audits and official figures only confirm what we see day to day in our surgeries – bariatric surgery plays a vital role in helping people who suffer ill-health because of their weight and saves the NHS money at the same time.”

The full report can be seen here: