The BOMSS sub-committee structure is as follows:

Clinical Services and Professional Standards sub-committee: Mr Shaw Somers, Mr Vinod Menon, Mr Jim Bryne, Prof David Kerrigan

Media and Website sub-committee: Chair – Mr Shaw Somers, Ms Helen Riley

NBSR Data Committee: Mr Marco Adamo (Chairman), Mr James Hopkins, Mr Omar Khan, Mr Peter Small, Professor Rachael Batterham, Mr Kamal Marwahar, Mr Bruno Sgromo.

IFSO 2017:  Co-chairs: Ms Cynthia-Michelle Borg and Mr Richard Welbourn

IFSO 2017 Local Organising Committee: Mr Richard Welbourne, Mr Ahmed Ahmed, Mr Roger Ackroyd, Mr Shaw Somers, Ms Cynthia-Michelle Borg, Mr Kesava Reddy Mannur, Mr Vinod Menon, Mr Marco Adamo, Mr Peter Small, Mr Chandra Chevuru