President’s Message

Thank you Telford!

The 2018 BOMSS ASM in Telford was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who made it such a success.

This is a time of great anxiety for the NHS. Those services that are vulnerable to the vagaries of political and public opinion face an uncertain future. Bariatric surgery – and the wider management of metabolic problems associated with obesity – will be in the firing line as services square up to be accepted. Despite all the evidence we have in support of developing and expanding what we do, we still find prejudice, while ignorance amongst colleagues and health service managers is one of our most challenging barriers.

The NBSR is our key to all debates regarding the future. Our data is amongst the best healthcare outcome data there is. Our actual outcomes are world class. The NBSR deserves our continuing promotion and support from NHS Trusts. I would urge those of you that undertake private bariatric work to ask your private hospitals to source their private activity and outcome data from NBSR.

Mr Shaw Somers
BOMSS President