BOMSS nutritional guidance

BOMSS Guidelines on perioperative and postoperative biochemical monitoring and micronutrient replacement for patients undergoing bariatric surgery for and on behalf of BOMSS Council, October 2014 BOMSS Guideline Working Party Mary O’Kane, Jonathan Pinkney, Erlend Aasheim, Julian Barth, Rachel Batterham, Richard Welbourn Read on! →

BOMSS statement on MGBs

BOMSS has released a position statement on mini gastric bypass operations (MGBs). In an MGB, the stomach is divided to form a long gastric pouch with subsequent anastomosis of that pouch to the jejunal loop. The narrow tube of gastric Read on! →

Endoscopy survey

BOMSS Council member Marco Adamo is asking members to undertake a short online survey on the ‘Role of preoperative endoscopy in bariatric surgery’. A link to the survey can be found at: