Call for Abstracts for BOMSS 2018

BOMSS 9th ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING, 25 – 26 January, 2018 International Centre, Telford Deadline for abstract submission: 9am on Monday, 20 November 2017 The 9th Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society will be held at International Centre in Telford from 25 – 26 January, 2018. Read on! →

Key IFSO date

BOMSS members – surgical teams / surgeons / AHPs – are encouraged to attend the BOMSS ‘political session’ at IFSO 2017. Metabolic Surgery: Evolution, Evaluation and Economics: Why is a safe cost-effective therapy for a deadly disease under-utilised? Friday, 1 September, 8-9.30am Leading politicians and commissioners Read on! →

Council member fronts BBC programme

BOMSS Council Member Professor Rachel Batterham will present a BBC programme  on Tuesday, April 11, looking at obesity, prejudice and the benefits of bariatric surgery. Research scientist Prof Batterham, based at University College Hospital, explores whether there is “fat prejudice” Read on! →