The National Bariatric Surgery Register is a comprehensive, prospective, nationwide analysis of outcomes from bariatric surgery in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It contains pclinical_audits_nbsrooled national outcome data for bariatric and metabolic surgery in the United Kingdom.

The full Third NBSR report will be released in summer / autumn 2018. This will involve an updated data set – adding patient identifiers (NHS numbers), HbA1c and EQ5D quality of life measurements – that will help with making outcomes more patient centred (which also fits with the HQIP mandate). We hope to get funding to develop this so that the NBSR can work even more positively for the image of bariatric surgery.

See headline data from the Third NBSR Report, published on September 1, 2017.

For more information on 2016/17 outcomes see here


Policy for managing non-contribution of patient data: NBSR Policy for Managing Non-Contribution of Patient Data 

NBSR Policy for identification of potential outliers

The NBSR committee on behalf of all NHS England bariatric surgery provider hospitals publishes the annual Clinical Outcomes Publication.

NBSR Data Committee: Mr Peter Small (Chairman), Mr James Hopkins, Mr Omar Khan, Mr Peter Small, Professor Rachael Batterham, Mr Kamal Marwahar, Mr Bruno Sgromo, Mr Richard Welbourn (past Chair and advisor).