What is the British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS)?

We are a professional society of surgeons involved in obesity management. Membership of the society includes medical professionals and allied health professionals including specialist nurses, dieticians, psychologists and dieticians. BOMSS aims to promote the development of high quality centres for obesity surgery, to educate and train future obesity surgeons and practitioners…Learn More »

From the President

Concerns over restrictions to bariatric surgery

It is well-known that people who are seriously obese will develop other medical conditions as a result. This often compounds the obesity and takes a toll on their general health, and the healthcare economy. It’s also been established that for some, surgery can help them lose significant weight and return to a healthier lifestyle. It is proven to be safe, effective and saves the NHS money in the long term.

So it is clear that bariatric surgery should be made more readily available to those who need it when everything else has been tried.

Unfortunately it’s not proving to be that simple. As a recent survey carried out by BOMSS in collaboration with the RCS revealed

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IFSO 2017


Key dates

6th International Conference on Sleeve Gastrectomy
29 – 30 August 
Postgraduate Courses
30 August 
Congress Opens
30 August

BOMSS members – surgical teams / surgeons / AHPs – are encouraged to attend the
‘political session’
Metabolic Surgery: Evolution, Evaluation and Economics: Why is a safe cost-effective therapy for a deadly disease under-utilised?
Friday, 1 September, 8-9.30am
politicians and commissioners will attend and engage in the challenge to increase service provision in the NHS in all four home countries.
This is our chance to put the panelists on the spot as we raise the profile of surgery with a new NBSR data release.
Please come and lend your weight to this important session for BOMSS.

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An important new report from AHP Council member Prof Rachel Battherham – Improving Health Through The Provision of Weight Management Services.1

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BOMSS / RCS report on restrictions to bariatric surgery

Shaw Somers writes in the Guardian on discrimination

The Obesity Empowerment Network is live

Watch the BBC programme on obesity and prejudice presented by Council member Prof Rachel Batterham.

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