What is the British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS)?

We are a professional society of surgeons involved in obesity management. Membership of the society includes medical professionals and allied health professionals including specialist nurses, dieticians, psychologists and dieticians. BOMSS aims to promote the development of high quality centres for obesity surgery, to educate and train future obesity surgeons and practitioners…Learn More »

From the President

Roger Ackroyd

The case for more bariatric surgery is made – time and again

We welcome the call by experts in diabetes for surgery to be recognised as a standard treatment option for Type 2 diabetes, based on a wide body of evidence, including 11 randomised trials. Economic studies also show that the treatment can be cost-effective. This supports the day-today experience of bariatric surgeons and nurses across the UK in recent years that surgery is cost-effective and gives people back their health.

Type 2 diabetes is a serious health condition so it is essential that all effective treatment options are available – and this includes surgery. Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to serious complications such as blindness, amputations

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