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We are a professional society of surgeons involved in obesity management. Membership of the society includes medical professionals and allied health professionals including specialist nurses, dieticians, psychologists and dieticians. BOMSS aims to promote the development of high quality centres for obesity surgery, to educate and train future obesity surgeons and practitioners…Learn More »

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NBSR show how bariatric surgeons give patients their lives back and save healthcare costs

I am delighted to announce publication of the second report by the National Bariatric Surgery Registry – and equally pleased that it highlights our increasing success in helping people control their weight and improving their health.

The evidence is becoming clearer all the time: in many cases bariatric surgery is the right choice for many people who have severe and complex obesity. It improves their quality of life and often enables them to achieve things that had become impossible.

It is also clear that surgery saves the NHS precious resources. This report provides clear evidence that real savings can be made very quickly.

The NSBR is the major source of information on the effectiveness of weight loss surgery in the UK. The latest report includes figures on 16,956 primary operations and more than 1,327 planned follow-up procedures.

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